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Laryngeal cancer is statistically the 3rd most common malignant tumor of the head and neck, after malignant tumors of the skin and thyroid gland. Of the total number of malignant tumors – laryngeal cancer ranks 11th in men and 17th in women – men get sick 19.5 times more often than women. – The average age of the disease is between 60 and 65 years. Laryngeal cancer accounts for 98% of malignant tumors. Only 2% occupy other malignant tumors of the larynx. Causes Among the underlying causes are obligatory and facultative precancerous diseases. Obligatory or diseases that often turn into malignant tumors. (Laryngeal papilloma, recurrent papillomatosis, pachydermia, dyskeratosis). Optional diseases that may develop into malignant tumors. (Contact fibroma, adenoma, angioma, contact ulcers of the larynx, laryngeal ventricular cysts, scarring caused by a chronic specific infection (tuberculosis, syphilis) Laryngeal cancer. Manifestation and Symptoms Clinical manifestations depend on tumor