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In the initial stage of keratoconus, the methods of slowing down / stopping the progression of the disease include: irradiation of the cornea with ultraviolet rays, so called. Cross-linking (CCL) Corneal intrastromal arc implantation (ISCRS) In some cases, a combination of the above methods is performed at the discretion of the physician. In the first stage, ISCRS implantation is performed, followed by corneal irradiation with CCL. In the last, stage IV of the disease, when the cornea is significantly thinned (<400 μ) and there is a risk of its perforation, the only method of treatment is corneal transplantation, or keratoplasty. In view of the above, timely diagnosis and proper treatment of keratoconus is crucial. Solid contact lenses are not a method of treating and delaying disease progression. With it, during keratoconus, only vision correction is possible. How is corneal intrastromal arc implantation (ISCRS) performed? DSC08605.JPG DSC08026.JPG Implantation of intrastromal a