Lymphogranulomatosis The same Hodgkin’s disease is the most common disease among tumors of the lymphatic system. They get sick easily […]
Laryngeal cancer is statistically the 3rd most common malignant tumor of the head and neck, after malignant tumors of the […]
Leukemia is one of the oncological diseases in which the bone marrowfunction of a patient is disrupted. Leukemia is often […]
Epilepsy is a disease of the central nervous system (neurological)when the activity of nerve cells in the brain is disrupted, […]
Vitamin B 12, which helps the body’s nerves and blood cells stay healthy, is a vitamin that both adults and […]
Diagnosis of chronic kidney disease does not mean that you will need dialysis or transplant immediately. However, it necessitates good […]
With TAVI Operation, Aortic Valve Replacement is possible without open heart surgery. Post Content: The TAVI (Transcatheter) method is aortic […]
endokirurgia .. endoscopic examination laparoscopy laparoscopicoperations hernioplastika panintestinoskopia endoscope endoscopicinterventions transumbilikaluri endokopiuri transluminal endoscopicsurgery Endoscopic surgery interventions torakoskopiuli surgery robot– […]
Что такое менингиома? Хотя менингиомы часто считают первичной опухолью головного мозга, я использовал приведенные выше рекомендации, потому что технически менингиома […]
Description of nasopharyngeal (nasopharyngeal) carcinoma of the nose Nasal-throat carcinoma is a malignant cancer that occurs in the nasopharynx (nose […]