Patients who have doubts about the correctness of their diagnosis and
prescribed treatment, or are looking for alternative ways to fight the
disease, will be able to send their medical history and the results of
the examination to the leading medical center
Istanbul, Turkey). About. Medical Center intergeomed // Our clinics
work according to American standards and have access to modern
experiences and innovations operating in the world. In addition, it is
distinguished by affordable prices (the cost of medical services is
20-30% less than in Europe and Israel) and its geographical location
is favorable (regular flights from Georgia to Turkey). If necessary,
clinicians have the opportunity to consult with American colleagues.
The clinic has specialized centers in different directions: * Oncology
Center (chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, robotic
surgery, radiation therapy, polytherapy); * Bone marrow transplant
center (one of three major centers in Euro
pe); * Cardiology Surgery Center; * Neurosurgery Center; * Diagnostic
center (pathological laboratory, magnetic resonance imaging, computed
tomography, emission computed tomography, “liquid biopsy”); * Nuclear
Medicine Center (positron emission computed tomography, radioactive
iodine therapy); * In vitro fertilization center and others. Our
clinics are equipped with the latest medical European and American
manufacturing technologies that provide accurate diagnosis in the
shortest possible time, perform the highest level of complex
operations and the latest methods for the treatment of serious
diseases. The center presents all the latest methods and technologies
in the field of oncology, which are currently available on the world
market: * Radiotherapy and radiosurgery (latest technology –
CyberKnife M6, Varian Edge, Radixact); * “Hot” chemotherapy for late
stage cancer patients; * Radioembolization and chemoembolization – new
methods in the treatment of tumors and liver metastases; *
 Treatment of prostate cancer, heart and various diseases with an
auxiliary robot. * Bone marrow transplantation, including haploid
transplantation from a semi-compatible donor (when it is not possible
to find a fully compatible donor) Our clinics have already updated the
equipment in the radiotherapy and radiosurgery departments for the
treatment of various oncological diseases without surgery. There are
only a few such devices in the world! As for surgeries, most of them
are robotic – performed with the help of robot assistant Da Vinci.
Thanks to which the number of successful operations increases and the
rehabilitation period decreases. In addition to clinic Shu treatment,
you can undergo a prophylactic examination: there is a research
department that offers various preventive diagnoses according to sex,
age and disease. All examinations are performed in one place and last
1-2 days. Along with the results, patients receive a detailed report
on their health status and existing risk
s, as well as recommendations for further medical observation,
nutrition, and physical activity.