With TAVI Operation, Aortic Valve Replacement is possible without open heart surgery. Post Content: The TAVI (Transcatheter) method is aortic valve replacement procedure that can be performed without open surgery and anesthesia for patients with aortic valve stenosis. In the TAVI operation, which is performed with 2 different interventional methods depending on the health status of the patients, the first method is to advance the aortic valve to the heart with the help of a catheter, as in angiography applications, and then insert the stent mechanism by opening it. The second method is to reach the end of the heart by making a small incision of 3-4 cm on the front wall of the left chest and insert the catheter with the catheter that is advanced to the heart. The TAVI operation, which is performed without stopping the patients’ heart and anesthesia to the patients, is quite comfortable and safe due to the short recovery times of the patients and their adaptation to daily life.