Tips for those who have decided to treat in Turkey – there are many
clinics in Turkey, including good and bad, choose only the best, they
are mainly located in Istanbul – when choosing a clinic, be sure to
pay attention to whether the clinic has a specific department that
suits your specific disease. If you need additional research – avoid
intermediaries, especially individuals who can’t address the problem –
the cost of treatment varies from clinic to clinic, be sure to check
prices and get an official invoice for the estimated cost of treatment
in advance – don’t just rely on verbal information, not Turkish
Speaking to a translator working at the clinic. It may be much more
expensive to visit a clinic after arriving – even traveling to a
foreign country is difficult, and treatment is associated with serious
risks, so only professionals can plan treatment, pre-specify all the
details of the treatment center abroad intergeomed 6 years working
with Turkish and Indian clinics. Today, t
he center is the official representative of all leading clinics in
Turkey in Georgia. If you apply, you will receive an official response
to the exact terms, conditions, and terms of treatment. In case of
departure, you will be met by a clinic representative and a foreign
country will help you throughout the period. You can get answers from
several clinics, compare prices, consult a center specialist.
Receiving data and receiving treatment planning .. Get only official
response, plan treatment with the official representative of foreign
clinics intergeomed abroad at the treatment center abroad and thus
maintain health, save money with the best choice. I wish you health!