Today, medical
tourism is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people
choose to seek medical help from qualified specialists around the
world according to international treatment protocols. Unfortunately,
medicine is developing very slowly in developing and post-Soviet
countries, while in Israel, Germany, Turkey, Korea, India and many
other countries, much attention is paid to medicine. At the
International Patient Support Center at, you can
find out more about patients’ responses to specific clinics and
medical tourism as a whole. Treatment abroad is no longer a luxury,
now it is a rational choice for modern people. However, with the
development of the medical services market, it has become difficult to
make a choice in the long list of offers. Therefore, it is better to
entrust such a responsible moment, such as the selection of a foreign
clinic and a doctor, to a specialized support center, which
will organize a medical service abroad for you. The website offers free support to patients at all stages –
starting with the clinic and the doctor’s choice, ending with the
patient’s return home. Our coordinators are ready to answer you at a
time convenient to you. Advantages of treatment abroad: – Possibility
to choose the best treatment option – High accuracy diagnosis – High
quality of medical care – Use of the most modern technologies and
international protocols – Opportunity to receive treatment from famous
top specialists in Turkey Types of medical tourism The popularity is
due to the presence of high-precision diagnostic devices in Turkish
clinics. For example, the PET / KT device, which is available in any
clinic in Israel or Germany, is a rarity in post-Soviet countries. The
good equipment of foreign medical centers allows it to be carried out
as a routine inspection, the so-called. Check-up, as well as the most
difficult oncological diagnosis in 1-3 da
ys. Treatment Popular areas such as oncology, orthopedics,
neurosurgery or artificial insemination (ECG – extracorporeal
fertilization) – are the top destinations in medical tourism. This is
due to the fact that in the leading countries in this direction there
are the latest protocols based on the most effective and careful
methods. In addition, foreign clinics can boast of statistics and the
best doctors who work in their team. can select
the best choice among international clinics for your particular case.
Rehabilitation Rehabilitation centers in Turkey use both traditional
(bobat method, Voita-therapy, etc.) and robotic technologies for
rehabilitation, which even allows disabled patients to stand on their
own two feet. Aesthetic medicine can usually be combined with a
business trip. It includes dental services, bariatrics and plastic
surgery, as well as general health procedures and cosmetic care. Our
medical center is at your health care center.


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