Malignant tumors of the outer ear Malignant tumors of the outer ear include cancer, very rarely sarcoma and melanoma. Primary malignant tumors of the ear, holding the cartilage and bone parts in the hand, usually extend to the scalp, parotid gland, facial and skull bones; Tumors of the parotid gland, facial and scalp skin, phylogenetic cancers, cervical sarcoma, jaw tumor and ruptured bone tumors affect the ear for the second time. Cancer tumors of the ear are more common in middle-aged men and affect the ear canal in 85%, the ear canal in 10%, and the middle ear in 5% (AP Shanin). Outer cancer of the ear arises from the skin and develops at the site of various long-running inflammatory processes and benign tumors, many of which have been injured (i.e., they have recurred, trapped, etc.), and ulcers that appear have been infested with laps. Causing moments can be frostbite, burns, domestic, work hazards, as well as age-related skin changes. Abnormal anatomy. Outer ear cancer appears