INTERGEOMED NETWORK OF GEORGIAN-TURKISH CLINICSINTERGEOMED is a network of Georgian-Turkish clinics where we can connect you with the best doctors of Turkey and not only Turkey, but the whole world. You will get the best service and regain your health.👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️🌐 INTERGEOMED team works with the best doctors of the Jerrah Pasha and Shapa University Clinics.👉👉👉 Our services:⚕️⚕️⚕️ First of all, this is a comprehensive treatment of tumors.⚕️⚕️⚕️ Cardiac surgery⚕️⚕️⚕️ Neurosurgery⚕️⚕️⚕️ Orthopedic procedures and surgery⚕️⚕️⚕️ Infertility treatment⚕️⚕️⚕️ Treatment of gynecological and urological disorders with the latest methods⚕️⚕️⚕️ Organ transplantation⚕️⚕️⚕️ Bone marrow transplantation⚕️⚕️⚕️ Plastic surgery and hair transplantation↪️↪️↪️ For more information please visit web-site:⤵️⤵️⤵️


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